3 Months Old, Already?!?

3 Months Old, Already?!?

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It seemed like just yesterday that I was capturing this little beauty when she was just 10 days old.  Now Freya is just a little over 3 months old.  She kept looking directly at me, like “why do you keep pointing this big black contraption at my face?”  Freya would smile and giggle at me, right until I held up the camera, and then I got her puzzled look.  I did manage to get a few giggly photos, though, so it all worked out!

Freya loves sitting up in her chair, so I covered it in white fabric and she sat there as snug as a bug.  She also enjoyed the basket that had lots of comfy, soft blankets.  This little girl had a lot of energy, and definitely did not want to sit still, so I captured her in her natural behavior. Freya snacking on her own hand, or chewing on the blankets. That made both baby and mommy happy and stress-free.  And those precious moments are what her mom will remember when she looks back at Freya’s 3 month milestone photos.  What a cutie!

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