Here is what you need to know about your Boudoir Session:

How long in advance should I book my session?

We recommend booking your session around 3-4 weeks in advance. This will ensure that you get the day/time you want.  It will also give you time to get your hair done (if you plan on touching it up or getting highlights), schedule a mani-pedi (definitely essential!), or even a facial (if you’re doing this, make sure to do it a few weeks out so you’re not red and any blemishes that arose have healed.  During this time, you can also send your photographer samples of the kinds of looks you like for inspiration.  Treat this like an event that you’re looking forward to, and you will have a blast come photo shoot time!


What kind of clothing and footwear should I bring?

Bring a variety of outfits that make you feel sexy and beautiful.  A men’s shirt and tie can look very seductive, your favorite sport team jersey with some cute short shorts or black underwear, flowy dresses, anything with lace or other see-through material, and of course, a variety of lingerie.  The most important thing is that everything you bring fits well.  You don’t want anything pinching you or making weird indents in your body.

Also, don’t forget your heels!  Black and nude heels really work with the majority of outfits. They also make your legs look longer and sexier.


What kind of accessories should I bring?

Bring a variety of things so you and your photographer can play with different looks. Long stringed pearls, dramatic or understated earrings or necklaces, hair jewelry/clips, glasses…anything can add to emphasizing the look you’re going for.  These things should add to your beauty, but not be the focus of the picture – you are the focus and main attraction!


Do I need to pick out what kind of poses I’d like to do?

We encourage you to share the photos that caught your attention with your photographer so she can see what inspires you.  But remember, these should just be viewed as inspiration. Your photographer will find and capture the angles that bring out your personal best.   Every woman is beautiful, and every woman has that perfect angle which she looks her best. And if you have trouble seeing what your best angles are, (which, let’s face it, we can always be our harshest critics), trust that your photographer will see them and bring out your best self!











Where is your studio located?

Boudoir sessions take place in Alexis’ home studio located in Palatine, IL, which is about 5 minutes away from the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg.