Boudoir photography is a unique and rewarding life experience, capturing your beautiful, intimate and irresistible self as a woman.

Many people think of Boudoir photography as the ultimate gift for your husband or boyfriend, but what women realize when they go through the process is that this is really the ultimate gift a woman can give herself. You’ll cherish the lifelong memory of the unique process of fun and transformation, as well as the rewarding artwork that comes from it.

Why Violet River Photography?
We believe that all women are beautiful when they feel beautiful, and we use our photography superpowers to prove it. When you see yourself in the artwork, and realize that you are just as beautiful as the women in magazines, that’s the true prize at the end of our boudoir photoshoot.

We want you to use the boudoir session to pamper yourself, relax and celebrate being you, and let us bring out the real beauty that’s always been in you. Boost your self-confidence and change the way you feel about yourself. The boudoir photoshoot is an amazing life experience that empowers you to truly feel beautiful inside and out, now and for a very long time.


Style and Approach

From artistic to seductive, we’ll work together on the style that best suits you. With multiple sets and wardrobe changes, the session will deliver plenty of variety so you don’t have to limit your self expression.

Don’t worry about experience or posing, that’s what we are here for! Relax and let our all-female staff guide you. You’ll be posing like a pro before you know it. Discuss outfits and props with your photographer prior to the shoot. Start by thinking about your sexy favorite items at home, like a button-down shirt or even that old t-shirt that you love to wear.

Hair and make up is provided with some of our packages. If you have a stylist you prefer, you can start there before coming to the boudoir photoshoot. However, we strongly recommend that you include the hair and make up with us, as it gives us a chance to begin the experience, set you up professionally with hair and make up suited to this type of shoot, and most importantly, starts off your pampering session!







Photo Magic
When the photo session is done, our professionals are only half way in. We take special pride in our ability to marry beautiful photography with expert image enhancement. Our work includes what all magazine super models get: expert airbrushing, careful digital development and tasteful retouching. Once all the artwork has our stringent seal of approval, we’ll be ready to sit with you for an in person viewing session.

Take the Next Step
Learn more about our packages and products, or read our Boudoir FAQIMG_4577.Brenda_2014for more details about your next boudoir session.

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