Boudoir with Brenda

Boudoir with Brenda

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Today I had the pleasure of capturing Brenda’s natural beauty in a Boudoir session. It was Brenda’s first time ever taking these kinds of photos, but after a few practice poses and giggles, she was able to relax and I was able to capture some amazing shots.

We had multiple wardrobe changes to give us a variety of looks ranging from innocent and sweet, sexy business woman, sultry lingerie, and finally sportswear, highlighting her favorite Chicago teams.

Just viewing the photos still in the camera, I have so many favorites, and I can’t wait to show her the final pieces of art.  Stay tuned by returning here or following me on Facebook to see Brenda’s photos.

I believe every woman should do a session for herself before even thinking about doing it for anyone else.  All women are beautiful, but they don’t always feel like it. I guarantee you that whenever you have a bad hair day or feeling bloated, you can just bust out your boudoir shots and be reminded of how beautiful you really are.

You know you’ve been thinking about it for a while now.  Maybe a milestone birthday is coming up, or you’ve been feeling extra sexy and you want to capture it now, or maybe just because…well contact me today and we’ll set up a time to make it happen.

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