Choosing a Size

The smaller print size 5 x 7 is perfect for display on a desk, or stored in an album.

The next level up 8 x 10 looks great on shelves, and can be used in a small hallway, perhaps mounted on a large frame.

11 x 14 is a good size for a typical hallway. For wall art in a family room, 16 x 20 is a better size, or you could use a 11 x 14 with a large frame to make it stand out more. If you’d like to know about options for sizes larger than 16 x 20, please contact us.

Take a look at a sample of print sizes:

Violet River Photography, size sample


Print Order Turnaround

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for order processing. Keep in mind that high-quality printing requires multiple steps to ensure that your images are handled professionally.


When you order prints, images may go through some retouching, manual crop adjustments, and other print preparation such as color correction and print sharpening. Once the digital files are print-ready, they are shipped to a lab for specialized printing. The lab can often require up to a week to fulfill the print order. Finally, once we get the printed photos back from the lab we review them one more time for quality before the prints are on their way to you.