What to wear
Unless there’s a reason to choose a specific garment, try to avoid busy patterns, or distracting clothing with writing and logos. Let the main focus be people, not clothing, but make sure that everyone’s happy with the outfits they are wearing.


Portrait sessions
Depending on how many people will be in the pictures, a sessions can last from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. We like to include breaks for kids so that everyone stays relaxed and has an enjoyable experience.

Sessions are often on location, at a park, a special place, or even your home. We can recommend a few favorite places for great pictures. Toddlers may feel more at peace in their own play space at home, while older kids often prefer a park or urban spot.


On-location personnel
For events, we typically photograph with 2 people, one lead photographer and one second photographer / assistant. The lead photographer concentrates on recording the best moments, while the second photographer takes care of gear, and provides additional perspectives for specific situations.

For personal portraits, including Boudoir shoots, it’s one on one with Alexis, a female photographer.

On-location equipment

We try to travel light, but some situations still require us to bring a couple bags of equipment. Outside of the typical camera stuff, we may also bring some portable lighting equipment including stands and tripods. We usually don’t bring any more than 2 travel cases worth of portable equipment, and when fully setup, we may need about 6 square feet of space for lighting gear.


Is “a la carte” pricing available?
Absolutely. If you need something specific outside of our regular packages, let us know and we’ll help you put together a package to match your exact needs.


How soon after a photo session can I expect to see the initial images?
A typical turnaround is generally two to three weeks. We can provide a few key images earlier if you need them for publication.


Do you edit the photos?
Yes. We digitally develop all pictures taken. The finished album will be carefully processed through our editorial and development process. This means that no “bad” pictures will make it to the final album, and all photos are studio-enhanced prior to publishing.


Do you retouch/photoshop the photos?
We normally do not apply extensive retouching to images, but the service is available. We can discuss professional retouching such as blemish removal, skin and wrinkle softening, facial and body feature adjustments.


What is the booking process?
Start by contacting us! We’ll get a chance to talk about your photography needs and plan the date. The paperwork is easy – you can fax or mail the contract, and we accept checks and online payments.


What about copyright, can I make copies?
Our typical packages may include high resolution digital files of selected images. You are free to use those files any way you choose, including print, online use and even giving them away to friends and family.

Images that are only offered in print form cannot be reproduced, and new copies must be purchased directly. If you’d like to have digital and full rights to any additional (or all) images, we are happy to oblige. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.